Know these Investment tips if you are in your 20's

#1 Save Money

If you are in your early 20's start saving your atleast 60% of your salary amount for investments

#2 Emergency Funds

With 60% of your savings always make sure you add 20% to your emergency fund account (Savings/Fixed deposits)

#3 Liquid Funds

Liquid funds are safe and secure investment since it comes under debt fund class which in return can give fixed returns.

#4 Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are subjected to market risk, in this investment you can get higher returns, it is reliable for newbie investors

#4 Stocks and Equity

This investment is slight risky compared to all other previous investments, but returns are even more higher. Use you 10-20% of your savings on this.

#4 Apply for IPOs

This is the high risk and high return investment, but if you check the company background, analysing GMP and Apply for IPO, then risk is lower, choose a right company to apply

#5 Crypto Investments

Crypto is very high risk and too much volatile market to invest on, but you can get very high return, would say use only 5% of your savings on this

Here are safe investment strategy tips, which you can follow. For more Financial tips you can click below

Disclaimer: These are not financial advice, we would say do your own research before investing