Adani Power Share Price Target – 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2030

If you are looking for “Adani Power share price targets” for upcoming years you are in the right place. Before we dive into Adani Power stock price targets, Let’s understand the Adani Power company background, technical fundamentals etc.

About Adani Power

Adani Power

Adani Power Ltd is an Indian power and energy company with a market capital of $20 billion as of August 07, 2022. It is a private thermal power producer with a capacity of 12,450 MW. The company also operates a mega solar plant of 40 MW at Naliya, Bitta, Kutch, Gujarat. Adani Power is India’s first company to synchronise the supercritical technology.

Adani Godda Power is implementing a 1,600 MW plant at Jharkhand. The company has signed long term power purchase agreements of about 9,153 MW with several state governments including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Punjab. As one of the leading power companies in India, Adani Power is well-positioned to continue contributing to the country’s growing energy needs.

Fundamentals of Adani Power

Let’s look at the fundamentals of Adani Power, based on which we can get a clear understanding of the expertise in the power sector.

  • Current Market Cap: The current market cap of Adani Power as of October 10 2022, is ₹ 1,41,588.23 Cr.
  • P/E Ratio: The current price to earning ratio of Adani Power is 0.
  • Sales Growth: Sales growth is around 30% over the period of time
  • Profit Growth: Profit growth is around 63.46 % over the period of time

Adani Power Price Target Details

We have done a complete analysis of Adani Power and have come up with its share price targets for upcoming years.

Note: These price targets of “Adani Power” is only for reference purpose only, this prediction is only if there are positive market sentiments, and any uncertainties in the company or global market condition is not covered in this analysis.

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Adani Power Share price details trading view analysis

Adani Power share price target 2022

After analyzing the chart deeply by taking the monthly time frame analysis on the trading view chart of Adani Power we found,

The Adani Power company has been reporting impressive growth in their profits. For the last quarter, they had a net profit of Rs 634 crores! This is compared to just over half that at -653 crore last year.

The target share price of Adani Power for the year 2022 will be ₹450

Adani Power share price target 2023

The largest private power producer in India, Adani Power has just announced the completion of the acquisition on 11 May 2015. With this new addition to their commissioned capacity total will be 10440 MW making them even more powerful!

The target share price of Adani Power for the year 2023 will be ₹510

Adani Power share price target 2024

The company has now become India’s largest private power producer with an overall installed capacity of 9,280 MW. This is because it commissioned its fourth unit at the Tiroda plant in Maharashtra on 3 April 2014 which made them capable to produce more than 660MW! The next month saw another milestone for this ambitious enterprise as they finally opened up their fifth turbines after years spent building them – all under one roof no less!!

The target share price of Adani Power for the year 2024 will be ₹590

Adani Power share price target 2025

The final component of the Mundra Project was commissioned in February 2012, making it as largest privately held thermal power plant on earth and fifth overall. With this completion three major milestones were achieved: firstly creating 4620 MW worth with an installed capacity to 6000MW; secondly reaching 1000 MW greater than any other individual facility worldwide before now at 35 years old , thirdly becoming only second behind one chart-topping nuclear generating station when considering all types!

The target share price of Adani Power for the year 2025 will be ₹850

Adani Power share price target 2026

The target price of Adani Power for the year 2027 will be ₹1200

Adani Power share price target 2027 to 2030

The target share price of Adani Power for the years 2027, 2028, 2029, and 2030 will be ₹1500, ₹1880, ₹2010, and ₹2330 respectively.,

YearAdani Power 1st Share Price Targets (₹) Adani Power 2nd Share Price Targets (₹)

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