IPO Subscription Status 2022 – Live Updates on IPO Numbers from BSE and NSE

IPO subscription is based on number of subscription made by investor on public issue at BSE and NSE exchanges. When the investor bids for an IPO, NSE or BSE exchange just keeps tracking the live IPO subscription status and they will update its official website . Based on the data provided by NSE or BSE exchanges we will provide you the live IPO subscription status here.

Update: LIC IPO Subscription Status Day 5: QIB= 0.67x, NII=1.21x, RII=1.56x, Emp=3.75x and total=1.77x

Campus Activewear Limited IPO Subscription Status Day 3: QIB=152.05x, NII=22.25x, RII=7.68x, Emp=2.10x and Total=51.75x

What is IPO oversubscription?

You might heard many times that “This IPO is oversubscribed” what does that actually means?

It means that when a privately held company issues its IPO to the public, if the investors bids more than the public issue size then its called as IPO is oversubscribed. Oversubscription of the IPO is a positive sign that it will give good listing gains. 

Also oversubscription of the IPO will give a positive hope that you have invested in right company

IPO Subscription Live Data 2022

Below table shows the actual live data of ongoing IPO

Company NameIssue Close DateIPO Size (Rs Cr)QIB (x)NII (x)Retail (x)Total (x)
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)May 9, 2022 ₹21008.480.671.211.561.77
Rainbow Children’s Medicare LimitedApr 29, 2022 ₹1580.8538.913.731.3812.43
Campus Activewear LimitedApr 28, 2022 ₹1394.3152.0422.257.6851.75
Hariom PipeApril 5, 2022₹1301.918.8512.157.93
Veranda LearningMarch 31, 2022₹2002.023.8610.763.53
Uma ExportsMarch 30, 2022₹602.812.2210.117.67
Vedant Fashions LimitedFeb 08, 2022₹31497.491.070.392.59
Adani Wilmar LimitedJan 31, 2022₹36000.390.881.841.13
AGS Transact Technologies LimitedJan 21, 2022₹680 2.6825.623.087.79
CMS Info Systems LimitedDec 23, 20211100.
Supriya Lifescience LimitedDec 20, 2021700.0031.83161.2256.0171.51
HP Adhesives LimitedDec 17, 2021125.961.8219.0481.2420.96
Data Patterns (India) LimitedDec 16, 2021588.22190.86254.2223.14119.62
Medplus Health Services LimitedDec 15, 20211398.30111.9085.335.243.05
Metro Brands LimitedDec 14, 20211367.518.493.021.133.64
C.E. Info systems limitedDec 13, 20211039.61196.36424.6915.20154.71
Shriram Properties LimitedDec 10, 2021600.001.854.8212.721.25
Rategain Travel Technologies LimitedDec 09, 20211335.748.4242.048.081.37
Anand Rathi Wealth LimitedDec 06, 2021660.002.5025.427.761.32
Tega Industries LimitedDec 03, 2021619.23215.45666.1929.44219.04
Star Health and Allied Insurance Company LtdDec 02, 20217249.
IPO Subscription Live Status

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I hope you got the information about IPO subscription as mentioned in above table, Now you might have noticed in the table, there are 3 terms (QIB, NII, Retail), Let me explain you all these 3 terms

QIB: QIB Stands for Qualified Institutional Bidders, means financial intuitions, Commercial banks, Finance companies, Mutual Fund are eligible for an IPO Investments

NII: NII stands for Non-institutional bidders, this is peoplel ike us, are eligible than Rs 2 lakhs of IPO shares falls under this category

RII: RII stands for Retail Individual Investors means NRIs and HUFs who apply for less than Rs 2 lakhs in an IPO under this category

And Total column value means that the respective IPO’s are subscribed by (-) x times, for example in the first row it says, CMS Info systems limited has been subscribed 0.66x times of its public issue size today,

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