IPO Grey Market Premium IPO GMP 2023 Live Updates | Latest IPO & SME IPO GMP and Kostak Rates

The IPO Grey Market Premium is decided based on market sentiments, it is also calculated based on fundamentals and demand of the company which is going to list on the stock exchange, basically grey market premium is decided in the unregulated market, where HNI investor predicts the IPO listing price and offers a premium price to the seller to by that IPO. The premium amount will not be the same as the listing premium price, it will vary based on lot of factors like market conditions, the number of subscribers etc.

Most of the investors apply for an IPO based on GMP in the market, so far the majority of success rates were positive when GMP was higher, Hence GMP can one of the likely factors to decide whether to apply for IPO or not, But yes you need to do your own market research on the companies, their background, private investor details, previous profits, upcoming roadmaps etc, based on that you need to decide whether to invest on IPO or not.

So let’s understand the latest live IPO GMP for stock listing.

Main Stream IPO GMP Latest Updates

Mainboard IPOLive GMPKostakRate
Hexagon Nutrition
Waaree Energies
Tracxn Technologies
ESDS Software

Latest estimated SME IPO Grey Market Premium (SME IPO GMP) Rates

Here are the list of the Grey market premium rates on latest company IPO’s

IPO NameLive GMP (₹)Price (₹)Kostak
B Right Real Estate01530
Jayant Infratech0670
SKP Bearing0700
Kesar India01700
Veerkrupa Jewellers0270
Mangalam Worldwide01010
Pearl Green Clubs and Resorts01860
KCK Industries0300
Sailani Tours N Travels0150
Modis Navnirman01800

How to Calculate Estimated Listing Price based on IPO GMP?

As we have explained above the listing gains can be calculated or predicted based on the GMP value, So here is how it is calculated, let’s say Company X’s issue price is Rs. 1000, now imagine the GMP value states that its Rs. 600. Now in this case total IPO listing gain price would be Rs.1600, so it’s a profit of around 60%.

In this way, the investors can decide to invest in IPO. So far we have seen whichever IPO was listed where GMP value for positive, resulted in a huge listing gain

For example, Tega Industries IPO listing resulted in 68% profit on the issue price, and this was nearly the same as the grey market premium which is Rs. 734.

List of Past IPO GMPs and Listing gain results

Here are the IPOs which recently got listed on stock exchanges, the table below shows the value of GMP and Issue Price and Listing Price, which gives an idea to show how strong the GMP value holds.

IPO NameIssue PriceGMPListing Price
CMS Info Systems ₹216 ₹5 ₹220
Supriya Lifescience₹274₹130₹421
Tega Industries₹453₹300₹763
Metro Brands₹500₹437
Data Patterns₹585₹300₹856
HP Adhesives₹274₹90₹315
Tarsons Products₹662₹180₹682
LatentView Analytics₹197₹300₹512
Sapphire Foods₹1150₹150₹1350
Sigachi Industries₹163₹230₹570
SJS Enterprises₹542₹60₹542
Go Fashion₹690₹450₹1310
Star Health₹900-₹50₹845
Paras Defence₹175₹220₹469
Nuvoco Vistas₹570₹0₹485
Indigo Paints₹1490₹900₹2607
Aditya Birla AMC₹712₹25₹715
Glenmark Life Sciences₹720₹90₹750
Sansera Engineering₹744₹65₹811
Vijaya Diagnostic₹531₹0₹540
Ami Organics₹610₹150₹910
Aptus Value Housing₹353₹0₹333
Chemplast Sanmar₹541₹0₹550
Exxaro Tiles₹120₹15₹126
Krsnaa Diagnostics₹954₹320₹1005
Rolex Rings₹900₹450₹1250
Laxmi Organic₹130₹45₹155
Tatva Chintan Pharma₹1083₹1100₹2111
GR Infraprojects₹837₹560₹1716
Clean Science₹900₹620₹1784
KIMS Hospital₹825₹110₹1009
Shyam Metalics₹306₹135₹380
Barbeque Nation₹500₹0₹482
Suryoday Small Bank₹305₹0₹293
Anupam Rasayan₹555₹70₹520
Past IPO Performance


We hope now you have got a clear idea of the grey market premium price, we will be updating this page every day based on new IPO allotments, and also GMP price also will be updated every day, so bookmark this page and get up to date info on Grey Market premium of the IPOs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPO Grey Market?

Grey market is the term used when the IPO trading happens outside the actual stock market without any legal documents before the shares are listed in the market

What is Grey Market Premium Price (GMP)?

GMP price is the Premium price of the shares for IPO which is going to be listed in the market. This premium price is decided on the demand of the IPO outside the market, Here buyer fixes the GMP price for every share of an IPO.

Can I rely on GMP Price and apply for IPO?

Yes you can rely on, but make sure that you also look into the company fundamentals, and past growth of the company as well, based on which you can decide whether to apply for an IPO or not, most of investors use GMP price as main key to predict the listing price.

What is the difference between GMP and Kostak Rates?

GMP Price is fixed for every share in 1 lot, whereas Kostak rate is fixed for the whole 1 lot IPO Application.

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