Current/Latest Upcoming IPO 2023| List of Mainline IPO

Upcoming IPO

If you are looking for recent upcoming IPO’s you are in the right place, Here we have listed the IPO details with its issue price, issue date, refund initiate date, listing date and allotment date. So that you will not miss out on any updates on IPO. Latest IPO Updates 2023 Upcoming IPOs set to … Read more

52-Week Low in Stock Trading: Defenition, Examples

52 week low

In the world of stock trading, there’s a concept that can be both simple yet highly informative – the “52-week low.” In this article, we’ll break down what it means, why it’s crucial in trading, and we’ll provide real-life examples using three prominent companies: Bajaj Auto Ltd, Tata Steel Ltd, and Power Grid Corporation of … Read more

Fundamental Analysis on Tech Mahindra Ltd

tech mahindra ltd

Tech Mahindra Ltd. stands as a beacon in India’s IT sector, showcasing consistent growth and innovation. With the IT industry undergoing rapid transformations, it’s crucial to understand the financial health and future prospects of such a significant player. This analysis delves deep into the company’s financials, recent news, and market trends to provide a comprehensive … Read more

Best Energy/Power Stocks in India 2023

Best Energy Stocks in India

In the Union Budget 2022, the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a host of incentives to boost infrastructure and manufacturing in the country to achieve growth in the economy. The ‘Make in India’ mission is gaining a lot of traction and several production-linked incentive schemes have also been announced in this regards. But what all … Read more

Stock Fundamental Analysis – Important Terms to know

Stock Fundamental Analysis

There are many technical terms that investors use daily to make investing decisions. These can be some important terms regarding stocks like valuation and profitability ratios. To help investors make better investing decisions, let’s discuss some important terms that investors should know before they conduct fundamental analysis on companies. Some important terms to know while … Read more

10 Best Battery Stocks in India 2023

battery stocks in india

Stocks in the electric vehicle industry have become incredibly popular because they provide the potential for enormous wealth. recognizing that every electric vehicle’s primary component is a lithium-ion battery. Stocks from the Best Electric Vehicle Battery Companies are a popular choice among investors. Since China now produces more lithium-ion cells than any other country, most … Read more

10 Best Agriculture Stocks in India 2023

agriculture stocks in india

Best Agriculture stocks in India: Agriculture is said to be India’s largest private-sector enterprise, engaging nearly 119 million farmers. Agriculture is not a way of life. It is not a social sector or a development activity, despite what people may claim. Agriculture is a business. List of Top Agriculture Stocks in India Agriculture being one … Read more

Fundamental Analysis on Bajaj Auto Ltd.

bajaj auto ltd fundamental analysis

Bajaj Auto Ltd., a stalwart in the automobile industry, has consistently showcased its prowess in two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing. With a strong domestic and global footprint, the company stands as a testament to innovation and quality. This article provides an in-depth fundamental analysis of the company’s financials, recent news, and expert opinions to offer a … Read more

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