Upcoming IPO 2023| List of Mainline IPO

If you are looking for recent upcoming IPO’s you are in the right place, Here we have listed the IPO details with its issue price, issue date, refund initiate date, listing date and allotment date. So that you will not miss out on any updates on IPO.

Latest IPO Updates

Electronics Mart India IPO Closed on October 7, and subscribed 71.93 times on final day.

Tracxn Technologies IPO will be open for Issue on October 10, 2022

What is IPO?

IPO means Initial Public Offering, means if the company or organization want to publicize, the firm need s to sell its portion of shares to public by using NSE / BSE Stock exchanges as a medium, this whole process is called IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Investors can preplan their budget accordingly by looking at the upcoming IPO calendar, you can apply for these IPO’s using any stock trading platforms like Zerodha, Upstox, Sherkhan etc. But make sure that before applying for an IPO to follow these steps, Check out this story. Also these IPO allotment is not guaranteed, it depends on planning and luck too, So follow these IPO Allotment Tips and increase your chances of winning an IPO.

List of Current/Ongoing IPO 2023

IPO NameOpen DateIPO Size (Rs Cr.)Closing DatePrice (Rs)Market Lot
Madhusudan Masala Limited IPOSep 18, 202323.80Sep 21, 202366.00 to 70.002,000
Yatra Online Limited IPOSep 15, 2023105Sep 20, 2023135.00 to 142.00BSE, NSE
SAMHI Hotels Limited IPOSep 14, 20231370.10Sep 18, 2023119.00 to 126.00119
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Limited IPOSep 14, 2023563.38Sep 18, 2023156.00 to 164.0090
R R Kabel Limited IPOSep 13, 20231964.01Sep 15, 2023983.00 to 1035.0014
EMS Limited IPOSep 08, 2023321.24Sep 12, 2023211.0070
Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Limited IPOSep 06, 2023869.08Sep 08, 2023735.0020
Ratnaveer Precision Engineering Limited IPOSep 04, 2023165.03Sep 06, 202398.00150
Basilic Fly Studio Limited IPOSep 01, 202366.35Sep 05, 202397.001,200
Rishabh Instruments Limited IPOAug 30, 2023490.78Sep 01, 2023441.0034
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Limited IPOAug 24, 2023308.88Aug 28, 202399.00150
Aeroflex Industries Limited IPOAug 22, 2023351.00Aug 24, 2023108.00130
Pyramid Technoplast Limited IPOAug 18, 2023153.05Aug 22, 2023166.0090
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited IPOAug 10, 2023880.00Aug 14, 2023197.0076
Concord Biotech Limited IPOAug 04, 20231551.00Aug 08, 2023741.0020
SBFC Finance Limited IPOAug 03, 20231025.00Aug 07, 202357.00260
Yatharth Hospital and Trauma Care Services Limited IPOJul 26, 2023686.55Jul 28, 2023300.0050
IKIO Lighting Limited IPOJun 06, 2023606.50Jun 08, 2023285.0052
Cyient DLM Limited IPOJun 27, 2023592.00Jun 30, 2023265.0056
Mankind Pharma Limited IPOApr 25, 20234326.36Apr 27, 20231080.0013
Divgi TorqTransfer Systems Limited IPOMar 01, 2023412.12Mar 03, 2023590.0025

IPO 2022

IPO NameOpen DateIPO SizeClosing DatePrice (Rs)Market Lot
Sah Polymers IPODec 30, 2022₹66.30 CrJan 4, 202361-65230
Radiant Cash Management IPODec 23, 2022₹ 387.94 CrDec 27, 202294-99150
Keystone RealtorsNov 14, 2022₹635.00 CrNov 16, 2022514-541
Inox Green EnergyNov 11, 2022740 CrNov 15, 202261-65
Kaynes TechnologyNov 10, 2022₹857.82 Cr.Nov 14, 2022559-585
Archean ChemicalNov 9, 2022₹1,462.31 Cr.Nov 11, 2022386-407
Tracxn Technologies IPOOct 10, 2022₹309 CrOct 12, 202275-80
Electronics Mart India Ltd IPOOct 4, 2022₹5000 CrOct 8, 202256-59
Aether Industries Limited IPOMay 24, 2022₹808 CrMay 26, 2022₹610 to ₹64223
Paradeep Phosphates Limited IPOMay 17, 2022₹1502 CrMay 24, 202239-42
Ethos Limited IPOMay 18, 2022₹542.79 CrMay 20, 2022836-87817
Venus Pipes & Tubes Limited IPOMay 11, 2022 ₹165.42 CrMay 13, 2022310-32646
Delhivery Limited IPOMay 11, 2022₹5200 CrMay 13, 2022
LIC IPOMay 4, 2022₹21,008.48 CrMay 9, 2022902-94915
Campus Activewear Limited IPOApril 26, 2022 ₹1394.3CrApril 28, 2022278-29251
Rainbow Children’s Medicare Limited IPOApril 27, 2022 ₹1564.59CrApril 29, 2022516-54227
Hariom Pipe IPOMarch 30, 2022 ₹130.05CrApril 5, 2022144-15398
Veranda Learning Solutions Limited IPO March 29, 2022 ₹200 Cr March 31, 2022 130-137100
Uma Exports Limited IPO March 28, 2022 ₹60 Cr March 30, 2022 65-68 220
Ruchi Soya FPOMarch 24, 2022 ₹4300 CrMarch 28, 2022615-65021
Vedant Fashions Limited IPOFeb 04,2022 ₹3149 CrFeb 08, 2022824-86617
Adani Wilmar Limited IPOJan 27, 2022 ₹3600 CrJan 31, 2022218-23065
AGS Transact Technologies Limited IPOJan 19, 2022₹680 CrJan 21, 2022166-17585
CMS Info Systems IPODec 21, 2021₹1100 CrDec 23, 2021205-21669
Supriya Lifescience IPODec 16, 2021₹700 CrDec 20, 2021265-27454
HP Adhesives IPODec 15, 2021₹125.96 CrDec 17, 2021262-27450
Data Patterns Limited IPODec 14, 2021₹588.22 CrDec 16, 2021555-58525
Medplus Health Services IPODec 13, 2021₹1,398.30 CrDec 15, 2021780-79618
Metro Brands IPODec 10, 2021₹1.91 CrDec 14, 2021485-50030
MapMyIndia IPODec 9, 2021₹1039.61 CrDec 13, 20211000-103314
Shriram Properties IPODec 8, 2021₹600 CrDec 10, 2021113-118125
Rategain IPODec 6, 2021₹960.74 CrDec 9, 2021405-42535
Anand Rathi Wealth IPODec 2, 2021 ₹660 CrDec 6, 2021530-55027
Tega IPODec 1, 2021 ₹619.23 CrDec 3, 2021443-45333
Ongoing/Current IPO Calendar 2022

List of Upcoming IPO 2022

Here are the list of IPO which are yet to be launched, these below companies are preparing for its grand launch soon, here are the listing of companies, the timelines will be updated soon.

Upcoming IPOOpen DateClose DatePrice
Monte Carlo Limited IPO2022
Puranik Builders Limited IPO2022
Medi Assist Healthcare Services Limited IPO2022
Arohan Financial Services Limited IPO2022
Fincare Small Finance Bank Limited IPO2022
Skanray Technologies IPO2022
Le Travenues Technology Limited IPO2022
Tracxn Technologies Limited IPO2022
GoAir IPO2022
Penna Cement IPO2022
Mobikwik IPO2022
ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO2022
Harsha Engineers IPO2022
Adani Wilmar IPO2022
Snapdeal Limited IPO2022
IPOs to be announced

Most Awaiting IPOs

These below company IPOs are most awaited IPOs, the company are still in preparing stage, but the investors are eagerly waiting for these companies to be listed on NSE/BSE Markets because of its strong fundamentals and growth of the company.

Company NameIPO Listing Date2020 Revenue (Rs)
Byjus IPOBefore April 2023₹2381 Cr
OYO IPO4th Quarter of 2022₹13,168 Cr
Flipkart IPOYet to be announced₹3460 Cr
Swiggy IPOYet to be announced₹2,776 crore
RedBus IPOYet to be announced₹57 billion
Most Awaited IPO’s


We hope that above calendar will be useful for you to understand the IPO Timelines, there are more IPO’s coming up, bookmark this page, we will be updating regularly here so that you wont miss single IPO updates.

Frequent Asked Questions

How can I apply for an IPO?

There are multiple platforms which you can use for applying for an IPO, Apps like Zerodha, Upstox etc.

What is the chances of an winning an IPO?

There is no surety that you will get IPO allotment, since it all depends on bidding strategy, we would say try applying for an IPO from multiple demat account and increase the chance of winning an IPO.

Which IPO gave best returns in 2022?

EKI Energy Services was the one which gave a return of 6488.28%, means the issue price was Rs.140 and it got listed at the price of Rs. 6720.05

Which was the worst performing IPO in 2022?

Bright Health Group was the worst IPO listing in 2021, the IPO issue price was Rs. 17.50 after listing the price got declined to Rs. 3.84.

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