5 Best Gaming Stocks in India 2023

gaming stocks in india

Ever noticed how gaming isn’t just about fun and games anymore? It’s serious business, and India is leveling up big time. Gone are the days when gaming was just a weekend pastime. Today, it’s a booming industry, and guess what? It’s been around for almost half a century! Games are no more just games. Who … Read more

What Is CDSL?

what is cdsl

CDSL or Central Depository Services Limited is one of the depositories in India. A depository holds shares, debentures and other securities in dematerialized form. CDSL offers demat accounts to individuals who wish to hold these securities. Another such depository in India is NSDL, which is National Securities Limited. However, in this article, you will know … Read more

How to Open a Demat Account? Complete Guide

how to open a demat account

The spending pattern of people is drastically changing. Only in 2018, there was a rise of 13% in the opening of demat accounts. Even if one is living under a rock, one does know what a Demat account is. It holds shares that a person has bought holds in digital form. Lately, the process of … Read more

10 Best Stocks Under ₹10 (2023 Updated)

stocks under 10

From the plethora of stock that exists in the market, there are some which are good in possibly almost all aspects but are expensive, while some are the golden chances, which are cheap, less known but profitable and give decent to good returns. Since it is already so tiresome to select stocks, we have got … Read more

Upcoming Dividend Paying Stocks in India (March – April) 2023

upcoming dividend stocks

Dividends are always the golden news investors love to hear. Many investors search for stocks that give out regular dividends, and hence the stocks of such companies are more in demand. While most of the earnings made by the company get re-invested in the company, these dividends act as a reward to the investors for … Read more

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