IPO Grey Market Premium IPO GMP 2023 Live Updates | Latest IPO & SME IPO GMP and Kostak Rates

ipo gmp grey market premium

The IPO Grey Market Premium is decided based on market sentiments, it is also calculated based on fundamentals and demand of the company which is going to list on the stock exchange, basically grey market premium is decided in the unregulated market, where HNI investor predicts the IPO listing price and offers a premium price … Read more

Supriya Lifescience IPO Details, Share Price, Reviews, GMP & Kostak Rates Today

Supriya Lifescience IPO Details

Supriya Lifescience is well known in its manufacturing sector, they manufacture Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). As per past details the company produces 38 APIs focused on diverse therapeutic segments such as antihistamine, analgesic, anaesthetic, vitamin, anti-asthmatic and anti-allergic. Supriya Lifescience outstands lot of other pharmaceutical companies as it owns a title of largest exporter of … Read more

Data Patterns IPO Details, GMP, Reviews and Allotment Status

Data Patterns IPO Details (1)

Before we jump into Data Patterns IPO details, let’s talk about the company. Data Patterns was incorporated in 1985. Data Patterns is a defense and aerospace electronic equipment manufacturing company, they manufacturing multiple electronic devices which are currently helping in navy, army and airforce departments. They provide robust engineering services for the various defense sector. … Read more

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