10 Best Mutual Fund Apps for Investing in India 2022

Mutual Funds Ads are everywhere and we wouldn’t be surprised if one of those was what brought you here. However, better late than never, Mutual funds are a safe form of investing in various types of equity, debt or hybrid funds. It gives an investor a sense of satisfaction of owning multiple stocks without actually holding an entire share in whole.

Top Mutual Fund Apps

Mutual fund apps have suddenly surged in India post the pandemic and everyone has one of these on their smartphones now. Let’s look at some of the best Apps to use in India for investing in mutual funds.

1. Groww


Founded in 2016, the Groww app is one of the quickest-developing apps in the market. It is often lauded for its smooth customer-interface. Groww app facilitates investing in mutual funds and is quite easy to use with minimum complexity. All mutual funds statistics are available in one go. Groww app also allows everybody to spend money on a direct mutual price range with 0 fee and gives further savings.

Download Groww

2. Paytm Money

Paytm Money

Paytm Money, a subsidiary of the Paytm group, has become one of the most trusted apps in the country which provide high returns by investing in Direct Plans of Mutual Fund Schemes with no commissions or any charges on buying and selling of direct mutual fund plans. It was founded by Varun Sridhar in the year 2017 and is headquartered in Bangalore.

Download Paytm Money

3. Zerodha Coin

Zerodha Coin

Zerodha Coin is one of the best apps for investing in MFs. They provide investment services to a large number of mutual fund managers. This saves up to 11.5% annually compared to traditional MFs. Zeroda coin a well known name and has a customer base with more than 150,000 investors.

They have been a very profitable venture. Zerodha Coin is safe and an excellent online platform to invest in direct mutual funds

Download Zerodha Coin

4. MyCams


The app facilitates quicker, less complicated and smarter methods to transact inside direct funds. There are various pros of mycams which encompass cell pin & pattern login, one view of your MF portfolio, open new folios, purchase, redeem, transfer, set up sip and greater.

It also allows in scheduling the transaction alternative which allows buyers to set up mutual fund transactions which makes it one of the better apps for mutual funds.

Download Mycams

5. Ktrack by karvy

Ktrack by karvy

The number one goal of ktrack cell app by karvy is to analyze the investments of its users in mutual funds. This app gives new approaches to investing your cash. With simply one-contact login that powers you to make investments across hundreds of mutual funds. It gives a naked view of your profile, and investments, which allows you to make decisions and transact instantly without having a number of apps.

Download ktrack

6. ET Money

ET Money

A part of the well established economic times, this Mutual Fund app is a winner for all the good reasons as it boasts all things investment which helps to track & manage expenses using expense manager, Invest in Mutual Funds through SIP or Lumpsum, tax benefits of investing, etc. It has over 5 million downloads and is rated highly in the playstore.

Download ETmoney

7. Kfinkart


Mycams is a single gateway to trust your money into multiple mutual fund schemes. The app is known to be very fast and also user friendly. There are various features of mycams which encompass mobile pin & pattern login, open new folios, buy, redeem, switch, installation sip and more. Its functions such as setting alerts and reminders have been very effective.

Download Kfinkart

8. Kuvera


Kuvera is an app that simplifies the customer journey towards mutual funds. It is a one-touch login app that empowers you to invest in all of the shared funds and offers a new way to invest your money. It also focuses on a single look at your investment, managing the profile, making decisions and acting quickly without needing multiple apps offered by various fund institutions. This special program is to use your time and money to the fullest by linking and tracking your family pages to all AMCs.

Download Kuvera

9. Piggy App

Piggy App

The piggy app is an initiative started by a team of ex-investment bankers. They have over ₹ 1,500 Crores of their investments made via their app. They only provide commission-free direct plans of mutual funds and were the first app in the industry to do so. Piggy is a next-generation investment app that simplifies investments for you.

Download Piggy

10. Niyo Money

niyo money

Niyo Money is a platform that helps investors in planning a Niyo Money portfolio according to each individual’s needs. Features like the Glide path, rebalancing etc are the key standouts of the app. NiyoMoney offers a full-fledged mobile app that offers all the bells and whistles you can expect.

Download Niyo Money

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