Top 10 Stock Brokers in India 2023

Dealers are market creators, which implies they work as an agent among purchasers and vendors. Contingent upon the kind of request, they either make or take liquidity. For the most part, Dealers are whole associations rather than solitary people. These associations often offer different types of assistance, like cash the executives, speculation counsel, and in any event, making monetary items, like ETFs or shared assets to their customers.

Business firms regularly give marking rewards to new customers to assist them with developing their resources under administration. If you are looking for Best Stock Brokers in India, your search ends here, before we jump into the actual topic, let’s understand what is a stockbroker?

What precisely does the term stockbroker mean?

A stockbroker is an expertly prepared person who trades the stock for a commission or other charge for their customers. These deals are regularly led on the securities exchange using different protection trades. The intermediary is regularly connected with at least one financier firm. However, they can likewise be a free specialist. 

Likewise, a stockbroker may be an enlisted agent (RR) or a monetary guide. The majority of the stockbrokers work for business firms and handle exchanges for different individual and institutional customers. Stockbrokers are, for the most part, repaid on a commission premise. However, this differs by work.

Financier firms and merchant vendor organizations are additionally casually known as stockbrokers. These incorporate full-administration intermediaries, and modest representatives who execute exchanges yet don’t give customized speculation exhortation.

What do Stock Brokers Do?

Stockbrokers take care of customer reserves, who likewise execute trade exchanges for their benefit. Not many specialists work on the exchanging floor of a stock trade, for example, the New York Stock Exchange. Since exchanges on the cutting-edge trade are first matched electronically, they generally facilitate work at the work area in their manager’s workplace hours.

List of Top 10 Full-Service/Stock Brokers in India

A full-administration business firm submits customized suggestions and administrations and henceforth accompanies a higher expense. A full-administration agent charges 1-2% on the resources oversaw by them, and consequently, you should be insightful while picking the best stock merchant from the full help representatives list.

Sl No.Broker NameActive Users
1Angel One2.38 Million
2Sharekhan764 Thousands
3Kotak Securities1.07 Million
4ICIC Direct3 Million
5HDFC Securities1.1 Million
6Motilal Oswal897 Thousand
7ChoiceIndia100 Thousand
8Edelweiss120 Thousand
9Karvy243 Thousand
10SBI Cap Securities1.7 Million
11Axis Direct300 Thousand

1. Angel One


Angel Broking is a first-class full-administration business house and one of India’s most incredible stock intermediaries and has been working starting around 1987. It brags of present-day and client-driven exchanging stages alongside master warning support of its clients.

The Angel Group is an authorized individual from the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, and two product trades, the NCDEX and MCX. It is additionally enrolled as a Depository member with CDSL.

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2. Sharekhan


Sharekhan is one of the greatest full-administration broking houses in Mumbai, with more than 1.4 million customers. Sharekhan is generally viewed as a top 10 stock agents in India. They convey quality business administrations through their electronic exchanging site and north of 1800 workplaces. The brand additionally appreciates its worldwide presence in the Oman and UAE nations.

Clients can likewise exchange disconnected by visiting any of Share khan’s areas spread across India. Sharekhan has more than 4800 representatives in India and is accessible in the north of 575 urban communities through 153 branches and north of 2,500 colleagues.

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3. Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities
Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities is a full-administration dealer founded in 1994. They have an incredible client base of 1-1.2 million. Here is the rundown of other top stock dealers in India. Kotak Securities is an all-around presumed individual from BSE and NSE overseeing more than 5 lakh exchanges consistently. They are additionally a storehouse member with NDSL and CDSL. Kotak Securities is by and by estimated as one of the most mind-blowing stock representatives in India.

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4. ICICI Direct

icici direct
ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is the second biggest retail stock merchant in India that offers a wide scope of the venture to retail and institutional clients. Their site offers an extraordinary pack of venture items like Mutual Fund and IPO, Online Equity Trading, Fixed Deposit, Bond, Derivatives Trading, NCD, abundance items, Home Loans, and so forth. ICICI Bank’s essential site is “” It gives an extremely basic and useful way to put resources into the securities exchange and other monetary instruments.

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5. HDFC Securities

hdfc securities
HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities is fundamentally a value exchanging business; It additionally offers internet exchanging through telephone. HDFC Securities gives likewise brags of elements, for example, Day exchanging on both NSE and BSE, Cash-n-Carry on both NSE and BSE, Trade on Futures or Options on NSE, and the internet-based IPO Investments.

Regarding exchanging, HDFC Securities has more than 2,000,000 Demat accounts, which are needed for holding offers and protections in an electronic configuration. A cross-country appropriation organization of north of 3,500 Demat focuses is upheld.

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6. Motilal Oswal

motilala oswal
Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal is a monetary administrations firm with a scope of items and administrations like Retail Broking and Distribution, Private Wealth Management, Institutional Broking, Asset Management, Private Equity, Commodity Brokering, and Investment Banking. This platform is rated as one of the best stocker broker platforms in India.

MOSL, as of now, utilizes north of 30 exploration examiners that do essential, specialized, and subsidiary research on more than 250 organizations across 20 businesses. Motilal Oswal’s exploration reports have extricated broad media notice. Motilal Oswal is forgoing the Rs 500 record opening charge.

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7. Choice


For more than a decade, Choice has been the top full-service stockbroker providing financial services to Indians. The Choice creates its unique identity inside the Indian stockbroking industry by employing the support of its more than 75 regional offices.

Through its different financial products, Choice presently offers financial solutions to more than 5 lakh clients. Popular products on the list include Choice FinX (formerly Jiffy), Investica, ISMOS, and Choice Connect.

Why Choose a Choice for Demat and Trading Account Opening?

  • Free Demat Account Opening  
  • No AMC charges for the first year
  • Free Research and Advisory Services
  • Lowest DP Charges
  • Free Research Tool worth Rs. 50,000

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7. Edelweiss


Edelweiss was begun in 1995. From that point forward, they have arisen as an organization worth INR 32,000 Crore with more than 6000 representatives working in different divisions. They have additionally obtained some significant organizations like Anagram Capital, Forefront, and as of late, JP Morgan AMC (India).

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8. Karvy


Karvy is a notable full-administration financier firm based out of Hyderabad and a piece of the nation’s driving business bunch – Karvy Group. Measures among the best five full-administration merchants in the country, the firm has more than 70 million clients alongside 600+ corporate houses.

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9. SBI Cap Securities

sbi securities
SBI Cap Securities

SBI, one of the country’s biggest most favored banks, set up a business house with the name of SBI Securities. SBI, one of the top representatives in India, offers a broad scope of items and administrations for the two financial backers just as brokers. It takes into account people, corporate/establishments, and even NRIs.

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10. Axis Direct

axis direct
Axis Direct

Axis Direct is among a couple of Full administrations representatives in India with a 3-in-1 record. Pivot Direct, one of the most outstanding agents in India, permits interest in Equities, MF, SIPs, IPOs, Derivatives, Bonds, NCDs, Exchange Traded Funds, and Company Fixed Deposits. Pivot Direct brags of an element of 3-in-1 record, which incorporates Axis Bank Savings Account, Axis Securities Trading Account, and Axis Direct Demat Account.

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Regarding picking the best stock merchant, there is nobody ideal decision for each financial backer. It significantly relies upon one’s requirements, administrations and elements offered; we subtleties the rundown of enrolled best stock representatives in India. To pay high business, online markdown agents are the ideal choice. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you want counsel on stocks and you’re a high recurrence merchant, it is smarter to consider a full-service broker.

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