Sectors To Avoid Investing During Recession 2023? How To Plan Investment Strategy During a Recession?

sectors to avoid in recession 2023

The very mention of the term “recession” may cause widespread panic. Thousands of people lose their jobs, the economy suffers, and a pervasive sense of gloom and negativity sets in during this period. During A Recession, What Occurs? A shaky stock market is a leading indicator of a coming economic downturn. The GDP falls by … Read more

Omicron Proof Stocks in India 2022

omicron proof stocks

Omicron Proof Stocks: The year 2020 brought a catastrophic pandemic all over the world. The Covid-19 Pandemic! Like any other global medical emergency, the virus affected the population and the global economy as well. And now we have started to encounter a whole new variant of the virus in India, The Omicron Variant. If we … Read more

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