10 Best Logistics Stocks in India 2022

Logistics is a key part of businesses involving movement of goods and there are various parties of communications required. Logistics is the management of the flow of things between the supplier and ultimate customer. It is defined as the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers, but it requires a specific set of skills to execute logistics in an effective and economical manner.

Logistics as a division of business was not prevalent for the longest of times, But it has developed as an integral part of business and is now an irreplaceable part of business. We shall see few such logistics companies that are listed and are worth investing in.

Sl NoStock NameMarket Capital
1 Transport Corp₹ 5,645.33 Cr.
2 Jet freight logistics₹ 60.09 Cr.
3 Delhivery₹ 42,687.73 Cr.
4 Blue Dart Express₹ 19,019.84 Cr.
5 Container Corporation of India₹ 39,924.01 Cr.
6TCI₹ 6,312.62 Cr.
7 Mahindra Logistics₹ 3,628.44 Cr.
8 Allcargo Industries₹ 6,806.99 Cr.
9 VRL Logistics₹ 5,724.66 Cr.
10 Agarwal industrial Corporation₹ 653.49 Cr.

1. Transport Corp

Transport Corporation of India Limited was founded in 1958. TCI has multiple divisions like TCI freight which provides the basic transportation facility, TCI Express and TCI Supply chain solutions amongst many. It is headquartered in gurgaon. It has a P/E ratio of

21.3 and a debt equity ratio of 0.2

The shares are currently trading at Rs 730.

Market Cap₹ 5,645.33 Cr.
Sales Growth-2.44%

2. Jet freight logistics

Founded in the year 1995, Jet freight logistics limited is in the business of freight movement and other logistics services for perishable products and time sensitive cargo. Its revenue in the FY 2022 raised to Rs 458 crores with a % increase of 32%. Its EPS also rose by 12% compared to the previous year. It has a PE of 19 and a debt equity ratio of 1.6

The shares are currently trading at Rs 46.

Market Cap₹ 60.09 Cr.
Sales Growth15.69%

3. Delhivery

Delhivery Ltd is a company that very recently went public and has shown great promise in recent years. Majority of its revenue is generated through delivery services and third party logistics. Delhivery Limited’s Activities include PTL freight, TL freight, warehousing, supply chain solutions, cross-border Express, freight services, and supply chain software

The stock is currently trading at Rs 511.

Debt equity ratio is 0.07.

Market Cap₹ 42,687.73 Cr.
Sales Growth0

4. Blue Dart Express

One of the largest logistics companies in India, Blue Dart Express is an Indian logistics company that aids with freight services. It has a cargo airline named Blue Dart Aviation which functions around South Asia. Blue dart has a debt to equity ratio of 0.41. The estimation of the company’s stock price is on the upper side than its peers owing to its high P/E ratio of 72.75.

It is currently trading at around Rs 7370.

Market Cap₹ 19,019.84 Cr.
Sales Growth3.58%

5. Container Corporation of India

Container Corporation of India Ltd. Is undoubtedly the biggest company in the logistics industry holding a huge network of 60 ICDs/CFSs in India. It functions with 3 core businesses – Freight carrier, Terminal operator and warehouse operations. The price to earnings(P/E) ratio of the company is 72.75 and a low debt to equity ratio of 0.01.

is currently trading at Rs 626

Market Cap₹ 39,924.01 Cr.
Sales Growth-1.37%

6. TCI

TCI Express Ltd. was formed in 1996. They provide logistics and transport services both domestically and internationally. It also provides E-Commerce delivery services in India. As far as market capitalization is concerned, it is the 3rd largest company in the sector. The debt to equity ratio is zero and its PE ratio is 36.15 which is very low.

The stock is currently trading at a price of Rs 1653

Market Cap₹ 6,312.62 Cr.
Sales Growth-18.21%

7. Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra logistics is a subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra and was founded in the year 2000. It is a leading integrated logistics & mobility solutions provider. They specialize in supply chain management and people transport solutions. They offer third-party fulfillment providers that offer order processing and services like warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping.

The debt to equity ratio is 0.1 and its PE ratio is 97

It is currently trading at around 466 rs per share.

Market Cap₹ 3,628.44 Cr.
Sales Growth-9.25%

8. Allcargo Industries

Allcargo Logistics Ltd is an Indian logistics company which was formed in the year 1993. It is the country’s biggest listed logistics company as the functioning of their businesses spans across 180 countries. They provide multimodal transport services. third-party logistics, warehousing etc.

It is currently trading at Rs 319. The debt to equity ratio is 0.8 and its PE ratio is 17.53 which is the lowest out of the top 5 companies in the sector.

Market Cap₹ 6,806.99 Cr.
Sales Growth21.68%

9. VRL Logistics

VRL Logistics is part of the VRL group and was formed in 1976. They provide services of inroad transportation, publishing, logistics etc. It is currently the largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles in India with a fleet of 4866 Vehicles. They have expanded to other services such as Courier Service, Priority Cargo & Transport of Passengers by Air etc. The debt to equity ratio is 0.2 and its PE ratio is 35.7. It is currently trading at Rs 648

Market Cap₹ 5,724.66 Cr.
Sales Growth-16.79%

10. Agarwal industrial Corporation

Agarwal Industrial Corporation was originally into transportation but has now expanded to manufacturing products like bitumen which is related to construction and laying of roads.

 The shares are currently trading at Rs 529.

They have a medium debt equity ratio of 0.7 and a PE ratio of 11.

Equity shares tend to be more volatile than others because both the supply and demand are relatively price elastic. Investors are requested to take caution and follow conservatism while trading. Happy Trading.

Market Cap₹ 653.49 Cr.
Sales Growth10.87%

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