Tata Consultancy Services TCS Share Price Targets – 2023, 2025 and 2030

TCS, as Tata Consultancy Services is often called. The top supplier of business solutions and IT services worldwide is TCS. Faquir Chand Kohli, Tata Sons, and J.R.D. Tata created the business.

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For the eighth consecutive year, TCS topped the customer satisfaction rankings in Europe. TCS has over 4000 IT contracts with a total yearly value of over 40 billion Euros across 13 European nations.

TCS has an 82 percent customer satisfaction rate. In contrast, the industry standard is 72%. TCS is the top business in 12 European nations.

Tata Consultancy Services ranks first in terms of service delivery quality, first in terms of cloud capabilities, second in terms of account management, second in terms of proactivity, second in terms of innovation, and third in terms of business knowledge.

In the UK market for software and IT services, ranked first in terms of revenue. from position #5 in 2019. TCS was also rated first in application and second in consulting and solutions based on revenues.

TCS was also recognized among the Top 100 US brands by Brand Finance for the sixth consecutive year, across all sectors. TCS improved two spots from the prior year to land at number 59. and in the fiscal year 2021, the value of the TCS brand increased by $1.4 billion.

TCS Share Price Target Details

We have analysed the tradingview chart of TCS, after observing the chart in-depth and also considering upcoming projects and fundamentals of TCS, we have calculated the share price targets for upcoming years.

TCS Share price chart trend analysis
TCS Share price chart trend analysis – Tradingview

TCS Share Price Target 2023

This trend led to several engagements in the areas of data modernisation, application modernization, and cloud migration. Many clients are reviewing their present operations as a prelude to the core transformation and cloud migration in order to seek for chances for efficiency and free up resources to assist their core transformation.

As they looked for strategic partners with strong competencies and common values, several clients started making major operational model changes. There was also a rise in conventional outsourcing activities. These trends led to a consistent and robust flow of transactions of all sizes during the whole year, across all of its industry verticals.

TCS secured two sizable deals with Deutsche Bank and Prudential Financial Inc., respectively, which allowed it to expand locally in Ireland and improve its foothold in Germany. Every quarter, more orders were signed than the previous year. TCS ended the year with a quarterly TCV record-breaking $9.2 billion. The total order volume for the year was $31.6 billion, which was a record high for TCS and an increase of 17.1% from the previous year. The target price for TCS shares in 2023 is Rs 4,650.

TCS Share Price Target 2025

Over the course of the year, demand for services related to cloud adoption, digital processes, collaborative tools, remote connection, cybersecurity, and automation grew.

Importantly, businesses understood they needed to make investments in improving the customer experience as customers transitioned to using digital channels for the majority of their demands. This sharply increased investment in cloud adoption and digital transformation. Even the biggest supplier only has a mid-single-digit market share in the extremely fragmented worldwide market for IT services.

With a market share of 1.6 percent, TCS is one of the biggest worldwide suppliers of IT services. Over the last ten years, the company has excelled the competition by expanding at a pace twice as fast as the industry average. 

Market share gains as a result of TCS’ customer-centric strategy and organisational structure, targeted investments in constructing superior capabilities, better execution leading to increased customer satisfaction, and steadily growing participation in customers’ growth and transformation spending can all be attributed to this. The 

TCS share price prediction for 2025 is Rs 6,400 after taking into account all of these variables.

 TCS share price target 2030

By 2030, the firm will have developed new strategies to improve its business and will also be investing in other areas as a result of its excellent outsourced service.

TCS has put new technology to the test by using it to provide digital services, and the Indian government likewise wants to digitise everything right now.

The government receives services from TCS company ranging from outsourcing to computer software. TCS company is a commercial corporation that releases new business announcements each year.

Future-oriented investments in cutting-edge fields including DNA computing, artificial intelligence for protein design, cognitive products, metamaterials, quantum computing, sensing, and digital twins for biology.

TCS is making strides in the development of innovations, future-proof services and goods, and IT services and goods. The projected price for TCS stock in 2030 is Rs 9,600.


By doing a technical study of TCS, we were able to provide you information about some of the company’s key future objectives in this article.

Based on data from the company’s last five years, we have offered all of this information on the target price for TCS shares.

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