Tata Group’s stock rises following its 4.95% acquisition in an online retail company.

Hey there! Guess what? A Tata Group company is making waves in the stock market. Why? They just bought a piece of an online shopping company. And guess what? Their stock price has gone up by more than half in just six months!

The Details 📊
So, the company we’re talking about is Trent Limited. They’re a big deal with a value of Rs 73,541.47 crores. On Wednesday, their stock price started at Rs 2,052.35 and went a bit up to Rs 2,068.75.

The Big Buy 💼
Here’s the exciting part: A part of Trent Limited, called Booker India Limited, bought almost 5% of another company called Fiora Online Limited. This company runs an online shop called ‘Starquik’. And the price for this deal? Rs 4.10 crores!

How’s Trent Doing? 🤔
Pretty good, actually! Their money earnings have gone up recently. They earned more in the first three months of this year compared to the last three months of the previous year. Plus, they made a bigger profit too.

Who Owns Trent? 🧐
The main owners of Trent have 37.01% of the company. And some big international investors own 20.48%.

What’s Trent All About? 🛍️
Trent runs shops. They sell clothes, shoes, makeup, and more for both men and women.

So, keep an eye on Trent and the Tata Group. They’re always up to something exciting! And remember, always think and ask around before you decide to buy or sell any stocks. Cheers! 🥳

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