Debt to Equity Ratio: Definition and Guide

The world of finance and investing is laden with metrics and ratios that assist investors, analysts, and businesses in decision-making. One such critical metric is the Debt-to-Equity (D/E) Ratio. It provides an indication of a company’s financial leverage. Here’s everything you need to know about it. What is the Debt-to-Equity Ratio? The Debt-to-Equity Ratio is … Read more

Types of Trading Accounts in India 2023

types of trading account

The stock market offers a variety of choices for trading and investing. Traders can select a trading strategy depending on their financial objectives, the length of time they wish to invest, risk tolerance, and other considerations. However, there are two types of trading based on investment strategies: fundamental trading and technical trading. Furthermore, trading is … Read more

Best Automobile Stocks in India 2023

auto stocks in india

A higher level of living is a result of Indians’ increased per capita income. Some luxuries are no longer seen to be a luxury by the majority of people due to increased expenditure on them. This is another effect of the readily available loans and money nowadays. Automobile expenses are one such expense. In terms … Read more

10 Best Performing Smallcases 2023

Best performing smallcases

A recent way that is catching the retail investors’ eyes lately to invest in stocks is smallcase. This article delved deeper into what smallcases are and discussed some of the best smallcases out there. What is a Smallcase? Smallcase Technologies is a Fintech company launched in 2016 by three graduates from IIT Kharagpur. Smallcase is … Read more

10 Best Small Cap Stocks in India 2023

small cap stocks

Let’s dive into this discussion straight away stating the obvious. You are here to make the big bucks without much worry about the risk involved? You’ve come to the right place. Small-Cap funds are known to move rapidly both upwards and downwards as they are highly volatile. Basically, the definition of small-cap/ mid-cap / large-cap lies within … Read more

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