Best Energy/Power Stocks in India 2023

Best Energy Stocks in India

In the Union Budget 2022, the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a host of incentives to boost infrastructure and manufacturing in the country to achieve growth in the economy. The ‘Make in India’ mission is gaining a lot of traction and several production-linked incentive schemes have also been announced in this regards. But what all … Read more

Stock Fundamental Analysis – Important Terms to know

Stock Fundamental Analysis

There are many technical terms that investors use daily to make investing decisions. These can be some important terms regarding stocks like valuation and profitability ratios. To help investors make better investing decisions, let’s discuss some important terms that investors should know before they conduct fundamental analysis on companies. Some important terms to know while … Read more

7 Best Infrastructure Stocks in India 2023

Best Infrastructure Stocks in India

Infrastructure is the backbone of any economy. A developing country that aims to become a developed nation should aim to strengthen its infrastructure. These range from road, rail, air and water connectivity to commercial and residential hubs. This helps in creating jobs and increasing income while increasing business activities domestically, as well as internationally in … Read more

What is CE and PE in Stock Market? Explanation with Examples 2023

what is ce and pe

CE and PE in stock market are option trading terms, CE means Call Option and PE means Put Option. The complete concept will be explained with examples further. In this article we have explained CE and PE in the stock market in detail, before diving into the concept of CE and PE, let’s understand the … Read more

10 Best Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in India 2023

highest dividend paying stocks

You have money to invest in dividend paying stocks, but you are not sure on which stocks to invest in, Don’t worry!! here in this article, we will guide you to pick the highest dividend paying stocks in India, these stocks are evaluated based on their fundamentals and financials by our in-house experts. Before we … Read more

10 Best FMCG stocks in India 2023

fmcg stocks in india

FMCG stocks are considered defensive stocks in volatile times. This is because the drawdown in share price is lower than those in consumer discretionary companies. So from this perspective, investors can consider stocks in this sector in their portfolio. So let us discuss the top ten FMCG stocks in India. Best FMCG Stocks in India … Read more

10 Best Real Estate Stocks in India 2023

real estate stocks india

India is well on track to become a superpower in the years to come! With the formalization of the economy and increased domestic manufacturing activity, the GDP and per capita income of India is only going to rise from here on! And as people in the country prosper and increase their standard of living, there … Read more

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