Best Stocks To Invest In For The Long Term 2023

stocks for long term investment

Long-term investing is the smartest approach to invest in the stock market as per many experienced investors. One of the greatest, Warren Buffet too agrees and followed the long-term investment part. The only key to long-term investing is to have patience and to invest and forget. This post will discuss some stocks that you might … Read more

How to Select Stocks for Swing Trading?

how to select stocks for swing trading

Investment is considered a source of generating safe returns, as it doesn’t require any technical skills to assess the performance of the company. But it requires a huge amount of capital and time, as leverage is not provided in an investment portfolio. Individuals who want to make quick money mainly focus on day trading, which … Read more

Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics Stocks in India 2023

ai stocks in india

The future is AI, we constantly hear people claim. According to numerous projections, this is accurate, and AI may not only represent the future but also be an integral part of our daily lives, performing duties that would otherwise be extremely boring, tiresome, and repetitious for humans. And as a result, when we know a … Read more

Best Low Risk High Returns Stocks in India 2023

low risk high returns stocks

As short-term or long-term investors, we constantly work to protect our money from potential market risks, and we constantly imagine a world in which the market will be without risk. If that occurs, it will be a blessing for all of the market’s participants and will greatly increase interest in trading and investing among all … Read more

Yes Bank Fundamental Analysis – History, Crisis, Financial, Future Prospects and Risks


The year 2022 was the year favouring the Indian Banking sector as their stock prices were at an all-time high. Banks are the important entities required for the survival of the economy, as it inculcates the habit of savings among various individuals, these savings are then mobilized by the bank in the form of deposits, … Read more

Difference Between Nifty And Sensex

difference between nifty and sensex

The National Stock Exchange (NSE)’s Nifty 50 and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)’s Sensex are two of India’s most-tracked stock indices. Despite the two indices being similar in many aspects, there are some noticeable differences—which investors should understand before investing in either of them. Comparing Sensex and Nifty Indices The Sensex was launched in 1986 … Read more

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