Bank of Baroda Share Price Target – 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2030

If you are looking for “Bank of Baroda share price targets” for upcoming years you are in the right place. Before we dive into Bank of Baroda stock price targets, Let’s understand the Bank of Baroda company background, technical fundamentals etc.

About Bank of Baroda Limited

Bank of Baroda
Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda is an Indian nationalized banking and financial services company headquartered in Vadodara. It has a customer base of 132 million, and a valued business of around $218 billion. It also has an investment banking company called BOB Capital Markets, this is a platform where you can do investments in IPO, trading etc.

Fundamentals of Bank of Baroda

Let’s look at the fundamentals of Bank of Baroda, based on which we can get a clear understanding of the expertise in the banking sector.

  • Current Market Cap: The current market cap of Bank of Baroda as of July 10 2022, is ₹54,609.58 Cr.
  • P/E Ratio: The current price to earning ratio of Bank of Baroda is ₹7.51.
  • CAR: 14.99
  • Sales Growth: Sales growth over the period of time for Bank of Baroda is 14.99%
  • Profit Growth: Profit growth is around 51.77% over the period of time.

Let’s also see the growth fundamentals of Bank of Baroda, and how it grew over the years, based on that we can also calculate the share price targets of the company

Metrics20182019202020212022Growth Scale 2022 vs 2018
Interest Earned (Cr)43,648.5449,770.6175,983.6670,495.0669,880.7860.10%
Other Income(Cr)6,657.156,294.4910,317.3212,933.9711,483.9572.51%
Interest Expended (Cr)28,126.7731,290.3048,532.3741,686.0437,259.4432.47%
Operating Expenses (Cr)10,173.3711,287.9818,872.3920,543.6621,716.44113.46%
Total Provisions (Cr)14,796.3012,788.6720,698.3215,643.3313,002.41-12.12%
Profit Before Tax (Cr)-2,790.74698.15-1,802.105,556.019,386.44436.34%
Taxes (Cr)-358.93264.63-2,348.294,727.052,114.16689.02%
Net Profit (Cr)-2,431.81433.52546.19828.967,272.28399.05%
Adjusted EPS (Rs.)-9.191.641.181.614.06252.99%
Profit and Loss Table representation over the years

In the above table, you can see the great profit growth of 253% which gives an indication of a strong future for the Bank of Baroda. And other income also grew by 72.51%, though the operating expenses have increased by 113% as compared to 2018, it makes sense when we compare with its profit growth.

Bank of Baroda Price Target Details

We have done a complete analysis of Bank of Baroda and have come up with its share price targets for upcoming years.

Bank of Baroda Chart Analysis
Bank of Baroda Chart Analysis – Source: Trading view

Note: These price targets of “Bank of Baroda” is only for reference purpose only, this prediction is only if there are positive market sentiments, any uncertainties in the company or global market condition is not covered in this analysis.

YearBank of Baroda 1st Share Price Targets (₹) Bank of Baroda 2nd Share Price Targets (₹)

After analyzing the chart deeply by taking the monthly time frame nalysis on the trading view chart of Bank of Baroda we found,

Bank of Baroda share price target 2023

When we see the chart compared to the last 5 years that is 2018, we could see the average price it was trading between ₹163 and ₹165, Here when we deeply analyse the chart, currently the candle sticks are in the upper trend which is trying to hit the older 5-year target Rs.163, but keeping the market sentiments in mind, this share could hit ₹140 to ₹145.

The target share price of Bank of Baroda for the year 2023 will be ₹140

Bank of Baroda share price target 2024

To calculate the target price of 2024 , we need to again see the chart and the price of 2017, wherein you can see the stock was trading in between 160 and 170, so in this case, we need to see the upper trend chart, by analysing the chart we can clearly see that it can come to its same zone, that is nearly to ₹160, but we would see slightly lesser target that is ₹157

The target share price of Bank of Baroda for the year 2024 will be ₹157

Bank of Baroda share price target 2025

Now let’s see the 2025 target, to predict the 2025 target we need to see the upcoming plan of the company and profit growth, since its difficult to predict the target after 3 years, since there will lack of chart pattern, when we the above table of fundamentals we could see net profit has grown by 399% as compared 2018 for the year 2022, and the share price trading at ₹120, by analysing the profit growth, in 2025 it will reach between ₹190 to ₹210

The target share price of Bank of Baroda for the year 2025 will be ₹189

Bank of Baroda share price target 2026

Similarly, we have predicted the share price target for 2026, by analysing the upcoming projects and profit growth, we could see the target price would be somewhere between ₹240 to ₹250

The target share price of Bank of Baroda for the year 2026 will be ₹240

Bank of Baroda share price target 2027 to 2030

So in this section, we have combined all the targets, since its longer-term target, we never know the market sentiments, But looking at the Bank of Baroda upcoming plans and projects, the upcoming years would be great, check below for all the targets for 2027 to 2030

The target share price of Bank of Baroda for the years 2027, 2028, 2029, and 2030 will be ₹300, ₹340, ₹470, and ₹530 respectively.

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